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 Bill References 
a.To rectify defects in the existing Laws. View Comments
b.To repeal obsolete or unnecessary enactments. View Comments
c.To consolidate, modify and reform the existing Laws. View Comments
d.To simplify or modernize the Laws. View Comments
e.To adopt new and more effective methods for the administration of the Law. View Comments
f.To systematically develop and reform the law. View Comments
g.To provide training to the officers for legislative drafting. View Comments
h.To provide training for the legislators in the legislative process. View Comments
i.Matters to be implemented jointly by the Legislature, Parliamentary Affairs Department and Law Department regarding legislation. View Comments
j.Steps to be taken by various Government Departments regarding legislation. View Comments
k.Other matters to be considered in the field of legislation in the new world order. View Comments
l.Other matters referred to the Commission by the Government within its period, regarding Law reforms. View Comments

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